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株式会社 Total health design
代表取締役 近藤 太郎 からの

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株式会社 Total health design(トータルヘルスデザイン)は、「美と健康の創造」を目的として設立しました。
創業は1990年、世界的に数々の事件や出来事が起こった時代でした。 天安門事件、ベルリンの壁崩壊、湾岸戦争勃発、ソビエト連邦崩壊、バブル崩壊など。 この辺りを境に、時代は大きく変動していったように思います。
その象徴として、“気”の存在があります。 一昔前なら、怪しい、胡散臭いといわれていた“気”ですが、トップアスリートをはじめ、企業経営者やその道のプロが“気”の存在に気付き始めました。
さらに、日本には、古くから“気”にまつわる知恵や、情報が豊富に存在しています。 “気”のつく言葉(勇気や根気など)が1000以上あるという事実も、そのことを雄弁に物語っているのではないでしょうか。

株式会社 Total health design
代表取締役 近藤 太郎

Creation of Beauty and Health

Setting our mission on Creation of Beauty and Health, Total health design was established in 1990.

At the time when the company was founded, a number of remarkable incidents and events happened throughout the world. The Tiananmen Incident, the outbreak of the Gulf War, the collapse of the Berlin Wall, the Soviet Union and the Japan’s bubble economy and so on. It seems that a period has shifted greatly at that time.

There is a word in Japanese which has more than 1,000 words relating to it for example yuuki [courage], konki [perseverance] and we have many ancient wisdoms and knowledge about it in Japan. It is Ki. It can be a synonym of source energy, prana, mana and chi.

Although it is often considered to be doubtful and suspicious, some people including top athletes, business owners and professionals in some fields have gradually become aware of the existence and its power. These days, many people as well as ordinary people have come to accept it and seminars and information about it are in full bloom in Japan.

Why does Ki which is in such an unscientific field gain people’s attention when IT, AI and IoT are at the height of prosperity in these days? It seems that Ki is a symbolic representation of the shift change. And we believe it has the driving force to create BEAUTY AND HEALTH.

In order to achieve a new era, Society of Love and Harmony, we will keep trying to offer products and information which are filled with Ki. We believe those 21st century model items and information lift our spirits, brighten up our life and make the earth even radiant.

We shall be sincerely happy if you find our monthly magazine Genki na Kurashi [Life with Source power] useful for your beauty and health and use it to catch the latest information.

Total health design Co., Ltd
CEO Taro Kondo

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